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ArjoHuntleigh is dedicated to increasing the quality and efficiency of care.

Our vision is that we want to be the World Leader in integrated solutions for the care of people with reduced mobility and related conditions.

With 4,400 dedicated employees worldwide, ArjoHuntleigh is a global group with an annual turnover of €750m, serving the needs of acute and long-term care in more than 100 countries.

Established in early 2007 through the merger of ARJO and Huntleigh Technology, ArjoHuntleigh brings together two leading groups in healthcare to create a broad product and solutions portfolio and an extensive sales and  service network around the world.

The ArjoHuntleigh product portfolio encompasses medical equipment and integrated solutions for patient handling and hygiene, medical beds and therapeutic surfaces, wound healing, DVT prevention, disinfection and diagnostics.

ArjoHuntleigh also offers several solutions for special applications, such as burns treatment and bariatric care.

GETINGE GROUP is a leading global provider of equipment and systems that contribute to quality enhancement and cost efficiency within healthcare and life sciences. Equipment, service and technologies are supplied under the brands ARJO for patient hygiene, patient handling and wound care, GETINGE for infection control and prevention within healthcare and life sciences and MAQUET for surgical work places, cardiopulmonary and critical care.
ArjoHuntleigh is a member of the GETINGE Group. ArjoHuntleigh is a leader in the manufacturing of Home Care Devices and Home Care Equipment for improved Home Mobility. Home Care Devices and Home Care Equipment include Care systems such as Home Care Lift, Transfer Lift, Floor Lift, Portable Lift, Portable Ceiling Lift and Seated Transfer Device. ArjoHuntleigh provides Rail systems for home mobility.

Chosing the right Home Care Devices and Home Care Equipment systems increases the quality of life of its users through increased home mobility. ArjoHuntleigh relies on a specialized network of trained professionals to provide the best home care equipment and home care devices for specific needs. The choice of the right Rail system, Home care lift, Transfert lift, Floor Lift, Portable Lift, Portable Ceiling Lift will provide home mobility advantages to its users and improved quality of life.

Installation of Home Care Devices and Home Care Equipment such as Rail systems, a Home care lift, a Transfert lift, a Floor Lift, a Portable Lift or a Portable Ceiling Lift should be provided by trained professional to ensure maximum home mobility advantages.

ArjoHuntleigh invites Home Care providers and Home Care givers to consult our product catalogue and find out more about our numerous home care devices and home care equipment. In the event of reduced home mobility, our products improve quality of life. Whether you are in need of a Home Care Lift, aTransfer Lift, a floor lift, a portable lift, a portable ceiling lift, a seated transfer device or any rail device, contact our representatives in your area and find out how our products can help with your home mobility challenges.
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